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Seeing double


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Just thought you should check this one before it's gone - sounds pretty good, , , , for the price. . .








Thanks for posting that Em7!



I want.....



The guy looked and sounded like he was on the crystals a bit, but it was good.


The guitar makes me think of the old joke from 12 strings where the guy goes outside for a break and a kid is looking at the guitar and thinks the pegs aren't lines up properly, so......fixes them for him....




So, I would want 2 or 3 of them.....One like the demo in open G and open D; another in open Gm and open Dm; another in standard and dadgad.....


Currently I have my Nat trojan in open G but the strings are high for pure sliding and I can't do the fingering stuff I have been learning from SGGW, so I have my LG-0 in G tuning as well and then I have my Martin 000-15 in a slightly different G tuning with the 1st string still as E (G6 tuning)......


Same with Open D, but I have currently 4 guitars in open D and variations.


Blues King in Dadgad....



Just about need a sticky note with tuning details on the case before I pack up..... first world problem, I know - I am not complaining!




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