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Not that I want to particularly spread this knobs videos but he had the best one for this guitar


What the hell... lol that is really freaky.. its like a Dali Strat lol



this one is short, but I posted it cos hes playing it sitting down I kept wondering when he was going to bash his chin on the top horn lol ;)


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Funny how "Dr Groovy" insists on his "wood has no effect on tone unless playing fretless instruments" theory. This nonsense won't become more true by reiterating it.


Several things "Groovy" said that I didn't think were accurate either. As you mention he said wood makes no difference in the tone of an electric guitar. Neck through design has the least sustain, glued in neck next least sustain, and bolt on neck the most sustain. And finally fingerboard material has no tonal effect unless you are playing a fretless instrument. That last one might have merit as the string is only touching the metal fret wire and not the actualy fingerboard, but I still think ebony varies from rosewood, varies from maple boards. [thumbdn] [thumbdn]

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Five point ten, close to six?



lol,, ya that one made me chuckle as well.


so is it 5 point one(5.1),, 5 point ten(5.10) or 5 point 10 million(5.10000000)? Cuz they are all the same number.


It was a long time ago but I believe it was about grade 6 or 7 we covered decimals.lol


Cool guitar though. And he makes me laugh.

His 'facts' don't upset me like they obviously upset some.

I get a kick outa watching him. He don't bother me.

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