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Who likes the new product pages?


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I don't like the new products period

I mean, they messed with the classic speed knobs and made them UGLY (they could have sold the grip knobs as an extra option I suppose...),

they no longer have the nice model names of studio, standard, custom, etc...

they have an ugly 12th fret inlay


But yeah, there aren't any specs yet either. It's still in its infancy considering the models are just about hitting the shelves right now, but it would be nice to know more before they come out.


Either way, I do not think I will be buying a brand new 2014 Gibson this year, I am very dissapointed with the lineup and new "features" gibson is offering.

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There are actually a couple of 2014s that I'm very interested in. I WILL be buying a new one this year. It does bother me that specs are very hard to come by. Also, where are the other models? Explorer, V's, Firebirds, etc?


Seems stupid that the "2014" models don't have specs posted and "2014" is six days away....lol.



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