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Washburn falcon


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Hey Timefortea


Falcons were made from 1978 to 1984 with bolt on and neck through models


the falcon was part of the "winged series" which contained Raven, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle 6 string guitars together with scavenger (raven) and vulture (hawk) basses. These were made in Japan in at three Japanese factories. Matsumoku ( the Pro Aria, Westone factories) and Yamaki (daion) the third factory has not as yeen identified.


a falcons could be of ash, rosewood or maple tops; the necks had 5 piece maple rosewood maple through necks with ebony fringerboards.


b falcons could be of ash, rosewood or maple tops; have maple-rosewood necks with ebony fingerboards.


c falcons were of ash with maple tops, maple necks and ebony fingerboards


So depending on which falcon you own as to its qualies/tones will be


Personally I have an 81 Raven and two daions. my own raven is a solid mahony geet with a 1 piece bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard that weighs a tonne (these were not weight relieved)but sounds great, plays great, has a good low fast action and has had a pride place in my stable since new. despite having been hurlted off the back of a motor cycle at high speed landing head first, it has had nothing more that strings.


hope this helps

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