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New PRS Guitars for 2014


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Ok here,s a trivia question,Who has more different guitar models,Gibson and their Les Paul's or PRS and their SE models,wow I'm confused who introduced more models this year.Geez I remember when I was looking at Les Paul's years ago and I think the choices were STD,Custom,Deluxe,Classic and Studio and maybe one or two sig models,it was an easy choice.PRS I didnt know that much about until the SE models came out and I really wanted a Santana even the one that didnt have the correct shape and the diagonal line inlays on the frets.Now if you look at the PRS site seems everybody that can hold a guitar has their own model plus the new S2 models and private stock who could deceide.Last year I bought a new 2012 PRS Santana SE and It sounds killer and looks and is made extremly well. Like I said Gibson comes up a few months later with a 70's tribute LP studio with the dirty finger pickups I've had twice before and really love their sound and probably would have bought one of those instead.I remember it used to be so easy to pick out a guitar now seems every month a few new models come out,maybe I'll just be happy with what I have.


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