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Replacement PUPs for '75 ES-335?


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I posted this over in Vintage, but thought I'd try here too. Apologies if you've already come across this from me (and I'm sure it's a common question too):


I have a '75 ES-335TD with a coil split. I bought the guitar used so I'm not 100% sure it was all original, but the PUPs installed (which appeared original) were pretty flat sounding. I play everything from straight ahead jazz to rock and was aiming for a sound that could approximate the round warmth of Grant Green in the neck position (though I know he played a fully hollow 330 with P90s) and something with more attack but not biting in the bridge. So I started by replacing the neck PUP with a SD Antiquity, which sounds great.


Now I need to figure out what to pair the neck Antiquity with in the bridge, which is too flat and trebly to be of much use. I have a LPC for heavier rock and blues stuff, so if I had to choose one way or another for the 335, I'd lean toward a warm jazz tone overall with enough range between the PUPs to be able to also get some clean attack and even a little break up in my solos.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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