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I just purchased my first Epiphone product and have to say how very pleased I am.

I have been playing guitar since the age of 8 and am now 58 and not sure why I never considered buying a Gibson or Epiphone.

The action on the neck is phenomenal, the finish is flawless and the sound is great even through a basic 25 watt practice amp.

I know that strings are pretty much a personal preference, however I was was wondering if anyone had any experience with that guitar as far as the " perfect" string.

I'm looking for a light gauge with good sustain etc...

I would greatly appreciate that any members would have.



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I really love the split coil pick ups. Able to get interesting sounds .

The thin neck has great action as well.

I do too! However, the best sound for me is to split the bridge pickup, but not the neck.

Enjoy that new guitar! I am loving mine!


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