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Does this look bad?


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Hi everyone, I am currently selling my Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Someone offered a good price, and asked for a few extra photos.


As I was cleaning the guitar up, I noticed this!!




How bad does this look? I have genuinely never noticed that before.


As far as I can work out it is a simple crack in the lacquer in a very unfortunate place. I have owned the guitar since brand new, so I know it has never been dropped or anything. Could a change in temperature cause this?


Anyone experienced similar?


Thanks for any advice :(

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All of my Les Paul's look like that. It is just a join.


And just to make sure I looked at them last night:


Epiphone 1960s Goldtop

Epiphone 1960s Tribute Plus

Gibson Les Paul 25/50 (has maple neck)


And yes, all three plainly show the join line.


Nothing wrong.

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I do have some that are more pronounced than some of the others....still..

Normal to me.





I just re-read your original post.

You said that the crack is in the poly.

(I thought all I was seeing was the joint through the poly.)


That would be of minor concern to me.



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