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Local GC juuuust a bit out of touch ?

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lots of amp chat on here today, so i'll share a little tidbit that happened the weekend before Christmas at my closest GC (75 mi. away).


stopped in to buy a cheap stand on the way down to take our Niece her Christmas gifts, and while I was there I figured i'd test drive a Ramparte...

Saw an Excelsior, and a Greta, and everything else so I asked the sales clerk....

"do y'all have a Ramparte amp in yet"

"Ramparte? is that an amp?"

"uh, yeah, Fender makes them, been out since mid November"

"it's a Fender.....amp?"

"yes, it's a new amp from Fender"

"what series is it?"

"pawn-shop series"

"MAN, that whole series RAWKS!! but i've never heard of a Ramparte... you SURE it's a Fender?"


at this point I excused myself to go check on Mrs.B. in the accessories/parts section



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I've been to the local GC a lot in recent two months or so, I sold/traded off all of my gigging amps, they were part of it as either trade or hooking me up with a couple buyers for the good stuff.


Right after Thanksgiving I'm in there just noodling around while Mrs doing something around the corner. I had some form of Ibanez hollowbody, just trying it is all, I don't want that particular thing, but they have nearly zero hollows in this store. And I'm entertained watching the worker bees scurrying around, moving stuff, getting the store re-arranged for all the holiday things that are coming. Which is pretty exciting I guess.


Kid That Works There: "...yo man, I can make you a sweet deal on that if you want to take it home today..."

Me: "...no, but it would be great if when you get the Christmas stuff you get like, a couple hollows in here..."

KTWT: "...yeah, we need some more of those...what are you looking for?"

Me: "...oh, some of the Epiphones look interesting, Sorrento, Joe Pass, even a casino or three would be good to look over..."

KTWT: "...hey man, I can order you any of them right now and have it by Tuesday..."

Me: "...yeah, I know, I have a few computers at home and a halfa dozen at work, I can order anything too..."

KTWT: "...oh no man, not those, all special order, put down half and we can get them for you..."

Me: "REALLY? huh. I had no idea..."


I saw the mangler later on that following week and suggested some training for the new kids, and if he needed me to I could give them a class on how to talk to people that have cases older than them.



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This stuff drives me nuts. I understand that for most of them this is not their main job. But they should know everything about what they are selling. Geez, take pride in your job! It permeates to everything one does in their life. I remember when I was a cook during my college years, and I got a 15 cent raise. I thought that was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and I was proud of the quality food I was putting out. I obviously get paid a lot more these days but my mindset is still the same.


I was talking to a GC salesperson once who didn't even know the difference between a chambered and a weight relieved Les Paul!

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I am sure CG gets the quality help that they pay their top dollar wages for.


Yeah, go easy on those folks. They work on commission. Of course they'll want to sell you a guitar in-person and not have you go home and order one online (which I admit I would probably do, myself).


I know several of them who have come up here from the stores, and they are, ummm… very happy to be here now, and no longer there. Good people who know their stuff, generally.

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I'll be honest I never heard of a Ramparte.....lol.... But I dont buy Fender gear, so I guess I have an excuse


I watched the official fender video for it the other day. I found it rather entertaining, but it annoys me that corporations have to describe their ideal user in the ads. A lot of car ads are like that too

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