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As I photographed my old L50 before, loaded the pics on my Mac laptop; recorded a couple of tracks of me playing and singing on the said L50; loaded those tracks on to the same Mac laptop; uploaded those tracks to Soundcloud and the photos to Photobucket, created a thread on this forum to show them....I thought how good this stuff is now.


The laptop is fast and lives up to the promises of 20 years ago that were a a little bit ambitious at the time.


Huge photo sizes from my Nikon just zap across to the laptop in no time.


The important bits of my Allen & Heath mixing desk - the converters - are just sensational for the price paid - and I get some great recordings from a USB plug straight to....my older iMac and GarageBand, which is sensational now for simple recording like I do - with old Shure SM57s. The the files are zapped to a USB stick, plugged in to, yep, the laptop and zapped to Soundcloud.


Most of this joy stems from the speed of the Mac - I remember not that long ago sitting around waiting for the old p.c. computer to gurgle away processing a couple of wave files - forever it seemed.


I just thought I would give a plug for something instead of canning it all. My broadband is still a bit dodgy, but who knows what is happening next with that?




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