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SCS.1m .1d system Buglist Traktor Pro 2

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when will we have an updated preset for traktor pro 2?or an editable preset?

.the new FXs are missing from the list LCD text,and thre is no way to add them, removing the first/last FX from list its easy, set Midi Range Min/Max (0/28) in FX selector Midi Out messages.

.repeated "MIDI Note": the button to the left of the 1st FX knob on SCS.1d deck(reset all knobs) is repeated on the last button bellow the FX knob

.repeated "MIDI Note": the button below the 2nd FX knob on SCS.1d deck,to reset that knob, is repeated in the "Cue Point Preset" (2nd oval button,2nd row) the 2nd "cue point page" button (oval button close to the Cue Pads)

.no color LCD feedback on the scs1d deck,

.bug on the platter spin on deck D,changing the pitch fader doesn't affect the platter spinning speed, can be worked around with a "tempo range cycle refresh", set your tempo fader then press 4x "Tempo Range" button.

.all 4 decks "scratch release" bug, ramp-up or ramp-down, when having diferent tempo range on deck and on-screen; for ex: scs1d @ 8% / onscreen track sync'ed @ 9% ; also can be worked around, set Tempo Range at 15% or more to avoid ramp bug

.the red leds,encoder knobs dont match exactly the knobs on-screen, I also worked around on this, set Midi Range Min. to 43 instead of 40,in Midi Out messages for FX knobs Dry/Wet knobs. but this way 3 red leds will always be On, makes sense looking at the position of the knob on-screen.

if you want to use just 1 LED to light up the knob indicator use Min.2 MAx.18,but like the above the 3 LED on the bottom wont light up, makes sense looking at the position of the knob on-screen.


please Stanton give us, at least,the possiblity to edit the preset,share the preset in .btmp , there is so much more we could do with these controllers.

.why use the same Midi messages in scs1m and 1d?

.why moving loops pressing knob encoders,when we can turn them?nonsense...

.did Stanton forgot to put LEDs on the under the A/B buttons close to the SCS1m encoders?they could've been handy...


despite a few problems on LCDs missing lines, dead LCDs backlights, deck motor or maybe "scratch release" sensors that sometimes need to "warm up" before performing flawlessly, these are wonderful controllers!

looking forward

thank you

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