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access to the quick grid code so other programmers can improve or take pressure off gibson team


BPM: using manual loop function to find bpm.. using hot cues to re alline bpm if a track drifts later while playing.

new functions.

bmp by loop

bmp from here (cue / hot cue)

ableton has a great method to keep tracks in sync maybe we can use something similar or even use the same file info.


Quick grid files should be graphical so you can see the waveform and markers and edit / move them on the pc if needed then save them.

main board upgrade.


the hardware of the unit has no issues so maybe offer main board upgrading with new cpus.


Gibson you have a gem of a unit and it would be a shame to let it slip away.

there is already a 8" display dj unit in china coming out with a tablet system using virtual dj or any other dj software you install. I will post a link to it if requested


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actually its here



apparently its poop going by reading reviews but if they get it right it could be a good challage


Review of this unit :)


unit glitches when changing tracks


Headphone out only switches between Cues A and B

(center is silent)

beat detection is not accurate


no tap tempo


no beat grid

(despite the instructions saying so)

So, no tap tempo means you can't fix the beat detection

No beat grid means you can't even begin to figure out where it has got the number from

This unit says it has a 7" screen? Well im looking at the image of it on the site and i see a TON of information compressed into a small screen. My opinion is that is WAY too small

Keep in mind. its not measuring 7" left to right. Its measure is 7" top left corner to bottom right corner.

Many of the controls lag by an unreasonable amount


EQ and FX controls lag the worst


scratch effect is unusable as it clips every time


sync button responds when it feels like it


Every album seems to list with track #2 first, then track #1


Pressing more than one button at once can often trigger other functions on the deck.

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If your gonna make any comparison compare it against the industry standard: Pioneer's cdj 2000 nexus


Yes it has all the bells and whistles but the scs.4dj functions just as well. Watching a YouTube video it has most of the same features without the price tag. I was almost laughing when they were talking as if these are new features :)


Im glad I tried the scs.4dj first before considering to move up to the more expensive controllers... it certainly introduced me to the dj world without breaking the bank.


I rediscovered my love for music again and gave me a fun hobby too! Now I'm ready to step up to the pro version but i also plan to keep the scs.4dj around. It's just too good of a unit to get rid ofI'm glad there's support for it even if it's 2 years old...


I hope stanton can advise if the next generation of scs.4dj is in the works... I'd certainly hold off if so... I've been very happy with their products and services.

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