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Had a Martin Kind of Day


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Yesterday afternoon being free of wife and kiddos and with the temperature finally inching above the freezing mark I decided to head down to the local purveyor of musical goodies to see what was going on. Not a Gibson to be seen but a gaggle of Martins which the owner of the store proceeded to hand me one by one. First was a something or other cutaway (I don't recall the model number). Nah, did not do anything for me. Next was a newish D-18. Again, I did not throw it down in disgust but it did not ring my chimes. After that a recent D-28HD. Definitely a sentimental favorite but alas again, nothing that gave me chills up and down my spine. Then came the big surprise - a 1970 D-35. The center piece on the back was Braz Rosewood and the rest of the guitar Indian Rosewood. Now normally I think D-35s tend to sound like turds (nice mental image ain't it). Just what that sound is I can't describe but I know it when I hear it. But this one just sounded warm and full with some really nice chime. Not what I would call a loud guitar. It also had the best feeling neck of the bunch.


Only other thing I played after that was some 1950s Kay archtop with the very cool art deco logo and one string missing.


Just a fun afternoon all the way around.

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