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Building a Home Studio


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Hi folks looking to get some insight on the best way to build a self contained studio at home.


I have area outside of the house where we now park our cars, the area is approx 4m wide by 7m long.


It is also sunk into the garden surrounded by soil on 2 of the sides around 1 m deep, and by a thick retaining wall on the other aide.


The neighbor on the other side of the wall is around 10m down and 6m away again with soil for the garden etc..


Our builder has suggested double cavity brick walls, which would be around 35cm thick with sound insulation between but this cost plenty of $$$


Would it be worth my while building normal walls and then insulating the interior with some kind of absorption material ? or maybe using plasterboard (drywall) for the cavity instead of bricks ?


The room will be mainly used for music, band practice etc.. and also as a games rooms.


We do not have drums or overly loud amps etc..and usually practice at low volume.


Any opinions welcome !



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Guest Farnsbarns

I'd go normal walls with several layers of carpet on the inside walls. Sand bags absorb a lot of noise too. Actually a cavity full if sand works very well too but that depends on circumstance, damp can be an issue with sand in a cavity.

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Yeah carpet actually works quite well.


I had a jammin room out in the country(small town I lived in for 15 years) and hung old carpets on all the walls,, never bothered anyone.


Although we did name it "Butt Ugly Studio"..



Happy it's still in the family cuz my brother bought our old house.

And Butt Ugly Studio may be getting resurrected soon.. woohoo!!!

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I looked into this quite a bit before building my own small room. Google is your friend, but here's what I know...


Deadening the inside of your room is not the same as stopping your neighbors from being bothered. If you are recording (not just jamming) you don't actually want your room to be completely dead (thus carpet is not a great idea).


If you do double drywall with space in between the results can be quite good. You can use sound insulating clips between the layers of sheet rock or they make some special green goo that will adhere and sound help deaden. All of this can be pretty expensive of course. I ended up using double sheet rock but skipped the clips and used regular adhesive. You can hear me jamming outside the house but it's muffled.


As for the finished room inside, I used Auralex sound foam tile to deaden but not completely kill the room. It sounds great.

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I guess in all of this the main concept is that you want gaps between surfaces.


I do not have a studio but a dedicated room, my biggest issue were the windows, I stapled rugs to a 2x4 stud and then hung the rug right over the window, the rug absorbs a lot of sound.


My jamming buddy has a basement with concrete floors, concrete walls and acoustic ceiling tile and man my amps sound much better there.



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