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Dwight Yoakam Dueces Wild SJ

Navajo Chief

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These were introduced, as I recall, shortly after Dwight's Y2K Everly-185 model, which would have been about 1999, so the Deuces SJ should have been introduced about 2001/2.


I've played a handful of these guitars -- most of them before say 2006 -- some were okay, and some were better than okay. But none of them particularly struck me as standouts, that is, above the range of other Gibson alternatives in the round-shouldered r/w guitar clan.


Myself, I ended up purchasing a '42 re-issue R/W SJ made for Fuller's Guitar. Similar guitar to the Dwight SJ, but slightly different aesthetics.



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RW on a j45 chasis. Kind of an uber 000-28. Will it work for you? Always, its down to style. If you fingerpick, play blues, or generally need high end cut/sparkle, it might not quite get the job done. Can be relied upon for a good low end thump. J

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You sure can render Chief.


I was drawn to the rural gallery then the Native American.


I grew up on a farm in central Illinois. Those pics take me home, especially the grain bins and corn cribs. Spent many a dusty morning in a corn crib shelling corn for Dad and the neighbors. Hot dusty work, but satisfying when complete.


I noticed one of the Native American pictograms showed a bunch of .... riders on horses with what appear to be sombraros. Wonder if it is a contemporary pictograph or if the indians of yore made sobraro or sombraro like head coverings?



Takin' pictures is easy, just sit back and snap the shutter....right...?????


Anyone can snap the shutter... knowin' when is an art.



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