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I'm looking for replacement bridges for 2 Gibson SGs.

I think I found what I need at Allparts, but I'm not completely sure about them and I'd appreciate any confirmation or information concerning them.


The first is for (I believe) a 1967 SG Standard (my baby).

Would this be the correct replacement? (GB-0520-001 Nickel Tunematic Bridge (http://www.allparts.com/GB-0520-001-Nickel-Tunematic-Bridge_p_1537.html))


The second is for the 50th Anniversary 12 String SG (new to my stable)

(GB-2580-010 ABM 2412-C 12-String Tunematic (http://www.allparts.com/GB-2580-010-ABM-2412-C-12-String-Tunematic_p_1643.html))


I'd really like to get original Gibson parts, but unfortunately, it seems that Gibson doesn't make a true 12 string bridge.


Thanks in advance for the help and thank you to Gibson for making such wonderful instruments.

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As far as your 67, that first bridge looks like it would probably fit. The only issue could possibly be the hole spacing. If your current 67 has the Tune-a-matic bridge on it and the hole spacing is right it should be a direct drop in. I can't tell anything about that 12 string bridge.

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Thanks cjsinla, I think that I can afford $40 for a "probably work" solution.

Maybe if I take the 12 string around to a few guitar stores, they can tell me for sure about the other one. Or suggest something anyway.


Also, measure the distance between the holes, their site tells you what the measurement is. If it's the same measurement, it will fit perfectly. Those type of bridges have a little bit of slop in them anyway. It doesn't need to be exact. But also, as you say, $40 is not much to spend for that type of bridge.

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