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Min-ETune: Problem Saving a Custom Tuning


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So I just got my first LP, a studio with the min-etune system. Love the guitar, plays great and came ready to rock out of the box! The min-etune seemed to work pretty well, I was able to dial up all of the preset tunings. My problem is, I need to save a tuning in the blue bank for two steps down, C to C tuning. Following the directions to the letter, the min-etune gets hung up on the B and high E strings. Those strings do not register at all, and I cannot for the life of me save this preset.


Any advice on what I can try would be much appreciated. I restrung the LP with 11s to be able to handle low C, but I just need some advice on how to make my B and E strings register. I get through the whole sequence of saving low E to G strings, then for the B and E the light just stays red when I pick the string. If I hit the open string, it will just move on to the high E, which also doesn't register. A few times I was able to get to the step where you assign the tuning to the blue bank and save it, but the tuning that was saved was way off what I had assigned, even to the low E to G strings, which had registered as being saved.


Any help or advice is appreciated, I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem? I LOVE this guitar and would hate to have to send it back on account of a broken min-etune system. Please help if you have any information you can share. Thanks!

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