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New Amp Day part 2


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I finally managed to track down a Blackheart Handsome Devil. After playing through an old pancake bodied LP, I decided that it's the perfect amp for me, so the Blues Jr went back. I can get more drive out of the Handsome Devil than the Blues Jr., which to me is a plus and I can power it down to 7 watts, which is also great for a small house. The clean tone is great and the drive is awesome, the EQ can be set pretty nice and it spits out some good tones. It's built very solid and it looks better than the Blues Jr. The BJ is a great little amp and with a Boss Metal Core and Ibanez TS9 I was able to get some nice distortion from it, but a lot of times, I just want to crank up the drive and plug in and play, so to me, this thing is perfect.

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