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[thumbup] I bought this one. I was set on the limited run "Honey Burst". It was tough to find! No other GC in the country had one. Finally found this one at Imperial Vintage Guitars, in Burbank, Ca. (not far from where I grew up) I looked through their Gallery online, it was the only guitar they had that wasn't Vintage! Lucky me: $900 and Mint. Somebody must have traded it in towards a Vintage issue of some kind. Anyway, it has Klusons, push/pulls, and Vintage says "Burstbuckers". Looks identical to the one I saw at GC. They said that one had 490R/498T's, as I said. Bob at Gibson Country USA tells me, the Push/pull option is what makes it a "Standard Classic", though I have heard elsewhere, that the Classic has P90's. No matter...As far as the new Standards, $899 to $1299 at a local GC, for an'013. That means $899, for the stripped down issue. Personally, I like the look of the Full Face, as opposed to the Retro small pickguard, on the new ones. Also think the Kluson Deluxe are smoother than the Gibson Deluxe, that are on the new ones. I also thought that the chrome arrowhead shaped indicators on the pots looked tacky and cheap. Word on the local streets is that Gibson my be lacking, as of late. I hate to rag on 'em but....I like to think, if it say's "Gibson", it's all good! Proud SG owner! [thumbup]
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