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Les Paul 'Blonde Beauty' - Studio ?


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I'm just looking for info on the guitar I own.

It's a Les Paul Blonde Beauty, but it's a Studio - not a Standard.

I bought it brand-new from GC in 2007. (I was working for them at the time, and got it for $1100 though the MSRP was something around $1900).


I've never seen another one in a studio version - I've looked online.

Visually it looks pretty much just like the Standard version and it plays fantastic.


I was just wondering if these are more limited than the Standard version was, or if there's info about them! I love this guitar, to be honest it feels a lot nicer than an average Studio.


Anybody here own this version of the Blonde Beauty and have some info?

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I'm at work, so this is what I have online. Can add better pics tomorrow.


Looks identical almost to the Standard version, except the backside wood isn't as dark (mine appears to be relatively the same shade of blonde all the way around).

I have the mother of pearl inlays, gold-plated hardware etc tho just like on the standard version.





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Does that have the 490r/498t pickups? I want to say that was one of the guitars I was seriously looking at when I got mine and it was about the same time. Late '06 early '07. From what I remember it played well but I liked the alpine white look better.

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