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Seven Nation Army


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I was flipping around on Youtube ealier and came across Seven Nation Army

Sonically speaking it's one of my favorite guitar pieces. I like the sub octave White uses and when he kicks in the OD it's magical.

'Course I'm in good company. I guess Jimmy Page and The Edge like it too.





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Thanks for posting that CaliMan.


I never saw that clip before.

Kinda funny hearing Page asking how to play what must be one of the simplest, yet sure to be iconic guitar riffs of all

time since Smoke on the Water.


Great tune. I'm buying up all the Jack White I can get my hands on. His tone is new and old at the same time. I love it.

And I love his voice. Totally fits what he's doing.


Is the guitar dead???

Ya,, I don't think so.


Welcome to the new era.

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I rmember when our local Block Buster video was going out of business. They had all of their moveis up for sale. I bought two copies of "It Might Get Loud."


There are a couple 180 Gram White Stripe albums at one of the stores up in San Luis Obispo that I'll be snatching up next time I roll into SLO town.

I was also impressed with Meg's drumming.


I know I'm your typical guitar whore.

I want the Byrdland that Jimmy is playing.

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That's not a Byrdland



Then it is a Gibson ES-350T. Early 50s or a custom made model for Jimmy.

I've been over this before on the forums.

If Gibson reissued it. I'd want one.

17-inch body, two and a quarter inch rim depth. Stinger on the back of the headstock.

That's my dream guitar. [thumbup]

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