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Jason Lollar Gold Foil Pickups


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You can find gold foil pickups on a lot of old Teisco and Silvertone guitars. I know the Silvertone 1488 came with gold foil pups.

Loller spent two years recreating these. I think Lollar did a great job on them. They sound great clean or dirty.

I know it's a long demo video, but it's worth the wait. Sonically speaking, these things are legit.


Lollar Gold Foil Pickups





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Yeah Surfpup:

I'm wondering if three would fit in a Stratocaster body.

If not a Strat, maybe a telecaster from Warmoth.

I figure they can rout it to specs, I can wire it up and throw a neck on it.

I see several Silvertone guitars with them. Hollowbody and solid.

Have you seen this?




Or maybe put three of them in a Firebird.

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Those Teisco pickups rule - great to learn that someone is cranking out repops. Last band I was in, the singer went so far as taking his original '61 SG and swapping out the p90 for a Teisco. That's how good they sound. Later, he smashed the guitar into 20 or so pieces. And cried like a baby. Anyway, Teisco pickups really do sound awesome, and now I have a 1961 p90 laying around. I should see if it'll go in my es 135.

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