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LP Classic 2014 review


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Good video - they sound great. Everybody knows the ones in brown cases sound better!


I haven't seen anyone say this yet, so here it goes... I see the change of taking the binding nibs off all models except the Traditional as a decontenting of the product. In the auto industry, that means taking a feature away that costs more to produce than what is replacing it (or taking it away altogether).


I've never had any issues with the "Nibs" and doubt many others including professional players have either. It was a feature that set the Gibson apart from the rest. Very sad in my opinion and I bet they're sweating at Gibson to see how sales of 2014's do with this change.

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Hmm, I have to say the sound of the guitar on this video really stood out for me... As they say.. really does sound brighter than normal to my ear anyway...


And yes I prefer the tan cases too [thumbup]


the only thing that makes a guitar sound good is the person playing the guitar in my opinion
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