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Zephyr Blues Deluxe Mod Session

Eric Koegh Penrod

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Those things have that nice flame top. No other Epiphone guitars quite like those ZBD from 10 or so years ago. The repair job looks neat, pro repair. I always, in a strange way feel like guitars have a kind of life of their own. They are sad when they are broken and can't be played [sad] . That is eventually going to be one happy guitar [smile] ...lol

Can't wait to see the finished version, all strung up [thumbup] .

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Eric, I was going to ask the same thing. That's a lot of holes there. I'm going to pin my EA250 and had heard of using one pin per side, paper clip wire was suggested. What does yours have?


Plus, nice project. She's going to be sweet.

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Long overdue update! Im diggin it! I could not use the bigsby rocker bridge because it would not adj high enough so I used the stock base and a chrome tom on it also I could not get used to the fixed vibrato arm so I put one one with the pivot.


Went thru a cpl of sets of knobs before finding these clear speed knobs...

Bright tone even with the flat wounds, I may try a set of round wound though...









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