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Sheraton Mod _ GFS Surf-90 Pickups


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Now i tested the pickups.


You can get everything from clean, thick Surf sound to the crunch of Brian Setzer or New York Dolls.

Distorted they sound like Neil Youngs craziest Horse.


Even at HiGain settings they stay nuanced, thight bass, wonderful mids and soft high end.


Fantastic pickups for a semi-hollow.

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But i would also like to know what amp and pedals, if so he´s using in the video... [sneaky]


It's said in the Video:


"Played clean through 18 Watt Marshall Class A Combo and Vox Blue Combo, Shure SM 57 Mic."


So i think the cleaner parts are Marshall and the little Blue Vox (4 Watts) is the cranked sound.

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