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Rocker vest/jacket


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Me too, I've been working on this one recently.


There is a mind-boggling selection of patches on eBay these days, all genres all styles.


It was getting really hard to find patches at record stores.


I even got a patch with my name in the colors/font I wanted for under $5, how cool is that?

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I have a nice leather vest with no patches that I wear to see shows during the winter, keeps me warm outside and I do not get hot inside the venue, best of both worlds.


That way I don't have to take my coat off and acrry it or check it in.


Oh and because it is a biker vest it's got a carry pocket which I use to hold my beer.

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When I was about 15, I had an old army jacket. I got some colored markers and had my buddy (I had/have horrible handwriting) to write bands all over it. I know we had Led Zeppelin most prominent right in the center of the back. Then also had Black Sabbath, Saxon, Scorpions...probably Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but can't remember specifically what other. :-k I also can't remember what ever became of that jacket.. :rolleyes:


But my favorite was my suede fringed jacket, which I still have. Although I don't fit into it very well these days. [unsure]



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Apart from my rock tshirts which I still wear.. I have this in the cupboard which I think I stopped wearing when I got all my hair cut off :)










The only one I was missing is Hendrix... But at the time I got this done I wasn't as in to him as I am now. I always thought it would be really funny to get tattoos of all of those in the same positions as on the jacket, so when I took the jacket off I still had the same underneath.. That would have been funny :D

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Wow, never seen one of those.


My leather jacket is Harley Davidson branded but hardly wear it, still fits but weighs about 10 pounds, no exaggeration.


Yeah they can be heavy when the leather is thick..


My jacket was just a cheap biker jacket which came plain.. A friend of a friend type of thing used to paint them (that guy was soooo talented).. you could give him any design you wanted.. a mate of mine had the Dark Side of The Moon cover on the back of his [thumbup]

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