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Sheryl Crow C&W demo


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These guitars are the reason I opened my ears and mind to Gibson again after being severely traumatized by the Norlin era for 20 years.


My brother had the possibility to buy one and wanted me to check it out before dealing.

I was skeptical, but the Crow got me from strum 1- it was clear that something had changed.


Since then it dawned on me this melt-down probably came some 10 years too late.

The incident took place around the millennium -


Unfortunately he had to pass it on at some point, , , I would have loved to follow that CW. .










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I have a Sheryl Crow, as well as a 2005 C&W (without the Sheryl signature, and a different sticker inside) and they both are fantastic guitars. Very even sounding and a pleasure to play. With the proper setup it plays like a charm. Probably my most consistent guitar for playing out.

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