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I didn't know they discontinued them. I still see new ones for sale.

They are Guitar Center-exclusive so I would think they're discontinued when GC quits ordering them.

I bought one last spring because I thought it looked, sounded and played good.


After a while I could tell the difference in the longer scale and narrow nut and it did not get played much.

Toward the end of last year I decided to sale it but there were no takers and I had it priced very low and the guitar was in mint condition.

I wound up trading it in.

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They sell em at Musician's friend also. They aren't listed on the Gibson web sight under acoustics anymore. You can search and find the specs, but they don't list a MSRP. Guitar Center and Musician's friend have em listed for about $2K. The guy that has the one I may buy paid $1850 + tax for his. Used on ebay are anywhere between 14 and 18. He's wanting a new camera, so he willing to sell it pretty low. I'm gonna look at it tomorrow.

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