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I owned this Epiphone for a while what is it?


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I bought it because I wanted a hollowbody and I didnt like the p90's on the Wildcat (I think both were new the year they both came out ?) and this one was next to it on the wall and had a humbucker and a mini humbucker. Actually I dont remember why I bought it maybe it was one sale but I cant remember what it was called and I never bonded with it.Can anyone remember what it was called,I dont remember,does anyone own one.




I still cant remember what it was called and again I dont think they still make it,I guess it wasnt a Epi favorite.

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Thanks I couldnt remember and I havent seen one advertised in a while.Like I said I never jelled with it,felt kind of cheep to me.Back in the old days when I had a lot of extra income I used to buy guitars just to try them out if they looked interesting/different.I thought the full sized humbucker in the bridge and the mini humbucker would sound cool,the whole guitar felt weak to me.I dont think they have made them in a while.

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