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New Photos of my Honeyburst Faded Standard!


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Heay bro' date='

Sweet photos, i have the same guitar but in another burst, yours is honeyburst i see, how is called my burst??

u can see my burst in my sig.

and ehm.... that standard plate on your hadstock did u buyed it with standard on it? ir was it like that when u byed m??[/quote']



...you look like some chinese counterfeiter that is trying to get info on how to name a given finish on your site... you might not be one but you sure look like one.


Just sayin'

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SRV-Zeppelin - that quote in your sig caught my eye.....


Lets assume GS is, say, sixty-five. Let's assume he started at fifteen.

That's fifty years, making 400 women every year.

That's a new woman EVERY day with TWO new women most Saturdays.


It's either impressive, obsessive or an exageration.


Or he is one lucky hunk o' charisma ](*,)

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