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Nice story of my1972 SG Standard (Deluxe)


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I'm 53 years old. I bought this guitar when I was 17, in 1973.

My first good guitar!


I was a wedding guitar player at the time and had my local rock garage band and played this guitar until I started at the university, studying sociology. Then I got married, had kids, so I was not playing guitar anymore.


So I sold my 72 SG to my old boss back in 1994.


Some 3 months ago, my old boss called me back, saying that he was not playing guitar anymore and offered to sell me back the SG for a fair price...


Of course, I said!

Because in the mean time, I discovered music assisted with computer, Midi, recording software, all things which where unknown to me in 1994!

And none of my kids seemed interested in playing guitar when I sold him the SG in 1994 ( I always had an acoustic guitar on a stand, in my living room, and both of my kids barely even looked at it!)


So I bought back my beautiful 1972 SG Standard some 3 months ago.


The finish is fainted but the guitar was in excellent condition. No cracks at all. The only thing is that my old boss installed a synth pickup on it and drilled 3 holes in the body... unfortunately.


I brought it to my tech and the only work he did was on the electronics. It even did not need a fret dress!

I just wanted to share this story with you, guys.


It's not the most beautiful SG I have seen (the red ones, I think, are best looking, but I like this natural)


And it was my first good guitar!


Happy New Year!


Mario from Montreal, CanadaSGTable1.jpg

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