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1998 Gibson SG

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I am unsure what model this SG is. The fretboard appears to be the special yet the pickups seem like the standard. I am told it is all original. The guy isn't the original owner but said he talked to people at Gibson. Says they told him this was a fairly rare custom ordered sg. Thoughts?


guess I should include serial number: 93378306

post-63021-003475300 1390942742_thumb.jpg

post-63021-031561100 1390942752_thumb.jpg

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My thoughts are.....These days, Custom and Rare do not mean valuable,necessarily.

Over the last several years there have been many 'special runs' of Gibson models for "this N that" Music megastore retailors. This makes them 'unique' or 'special' in THAT sense 'only'....and not necessarilly "valuable" in "classic Vintage Gibson" terms of "Custom and Rare".... or valuable.


Just my .02 cents! ....add a couple bucks and buy a Red Bull.... [wink]


Nice-looking guit! I would prefer the look with P90's, though.

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