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firebird acoustic


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The flame design was taken from a guitar built for Ron Woods. The story about the fire is an urban legend, I believe started by someone on this forum. No truth in it. The fire that they were talking about never came close to the factory. A friend of mine owns one and I get to play it often. It's a great guitar. Hope you enjoy yours.

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The forest-fire story has boots to become a myth.


Question is if the same can be said about the guitar. It might be too distinguished, too expensive to reach that status.

A bit like the Dove, , , which is very well known, but seldom owned and talked about, , , compared to Hummingbirds and 45's and 200's anyway.

But now the Dove is mentioned, it's relevant to compare the 2 as they're both classic square-shaped long scale maple back'n'side holders.

Others than me here on the Board will claim the F-bird is more towards rosewood (one said D-35) than the Dove.

The Dove is maple with a Capital M and tends to get fairly bass-weak with faded strings. The F-bird keeps it up much longer.


Both are fabulous acoustics.


A broken in Dove with rather fresh strings can be a dream - mellower and with much roomier/embracing projection than fx the H-bird.

The Firebird is pure royalty and might become so grand it needs 11's at some point.


Enjoy your new instrument to the fullest - and send us a postcard or 2 down the line. .

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