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Jack casady silverburst question


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Hello Stevestone, and welcome here! [thumbup]


Since the Jack Casady Silverburst is a special run, the number of items is likely to be rather limited.


As for strings, it should depend on your taste in first order. The basic decision is around the kind of wound wire - round, flat, half-round, all metal or with a final ply of Nylon. If you want to check out where to go, I believe it can be a good start using nickel roundwounds within a gauge range of circa .045" for the G1st and .100 - .105" for the E4th. In case you know what strings came stock on your Jack Casady Signature, this could give you an idea where to go for the desired tone and playability regarding string make and gauges.


Hope this helps.

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Did they really just produce 500 of them or is it a marketing ploy? I "decoded" my serial number and the website said its manufacturing number was 0731...and here I am thinking I was all special. Also, what strings would you recommend?


The number 0731 means that your guitar was the 731st guitar in that factory to be assembled that month. The number isn't specific to a certain model.

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I have 2 Casadys currently - a Sunburst & a Silverburst that I blacked out with hipshot black tuners,black bridge, strap locks & a black nut.


I have Thomastik Infeld Jazz flats on the sunburst - probably my favorite tone, string-wise.


Originally Jack recommended Dean Markley ML Blue Steels to me - and actually put them on one of my basses himself years ago at FPR.


That's what he recommends on his webpage - see here for this & setup suggestions: http://www.jackcasady.com/jack-casady-epiphone-bass/


Currently on the Silverburst I have Thomastik Infeld Powerbass rounds, which I really like as a counterpoint to the TI flats on my sunburst. In addition to being great tonally, they have the visual bonus of having grey silks, which goes well with the silverburst.


I've also tried d'Addario Chrome Flats, which were OK, and LaBella Deep Talkin' black tapewounds. The latter sounded just OK on this bass as well, but sure looked über kühl, when combined with the blacked out look!


Pics of both basses are on my site , just scroll down 2/3 : http://music.jeffersoncampervan.com/














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