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1968 Gibson J45

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I have a 1968 Gibson J45 Sunburst guitar. My father was two years out of high school in 1968 and was in a country music band with my mother. They were invited to play at the Grand Ole Opry. The day before their performance, my father bought this 1968 J45 at the Gibson store near the Opry house. I have pictures of both my mother and father singing there with my dad playing this guitar.


In 1997, my father gave me this guitar. It is one of the only things I have that reminds me of him. I don't have much to inherit from him since my mother and father split and he has nothing to do with me.


I have contemplated restoring some of the issues with it but since I don't know exactly what the issues are I have just kept it in its case and placed in my closet. It has some buzz in the strings on certain frets. Also, this guitar had ivory pegs years ago but they became brittle and broke. Id like to find some replacements as it has plastic pegs in it now. Other than a few marks near the pick guard, it is flawless.


If I had this guitar restored, would it make the sound better or worse? I don't know too much about this.


I am wanting a Martin D35. Should I the gibson over to one? Or, do you think that if I fixed this guitar that it would have a better sound than the Martin?


Its kind of off topic, but In 2003, I bought a Taylor 810ce. I was in love with its bright sound. Last night a buddy brought over his Martin D35 and we played. I broke out the old gibson and to me, it made my taylor sound like crap when we played together. The only guitar that sounded as good to me when we played was that D35. the D35 and the gibson sounded great together.

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I just voted. Great and touching story. I would keep the J45 and get it fixed/repaired and play it....if I liked it.

I think your time would be served well in trying to build the relationship back with your Dad. When he is 'gone'....the J45 may bring some solice to you.

The country band/Opry connection is very cool.....with your Mom also [thumbup] . I would get it in playing condition, absolutely....


I can vouch for D35's being very 'intoxicating'.....Who says that you can,t have both? Get a side job and save your nickels.


I still own (never play) my '67 Fredrico Garcia classical that my Dad bought for me at 13 years of age when he saw that I was serious with my lessons. He is 82 now and still beams with pride that I still own and play it for him on the rare occasions that I get to see him. (He has re-married and put a 1000 miles between us because of his wife)


He is happy.....therefore, I am happy!


It is not for me or a bunch of forumites to make this decision for you, IMO.


Just a hint....50% of my 'getting rid of guitar deals' do not add up to the happiness of what 'getting a new one does'......Its up to you!


Some pics of the guitar would be appreciated.....and there is not much 'broke' that can't be 'fixed'....with a little work!


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Just added a reply.

I would keep it.

If you like it fix it up enough just to make it a player.

If you do not like it or your relationships with your dad is strained to a point where you don't care, put it away and forget about it.

From your story you're a lot younger than I am so you never know where your relationship with your dad will wind up latter down the road.

If it mends, this guitar will mean a lot to you and you'll kick yourself in the a$$ for getting rid of it.

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Sorry, I screwed up my login/password and had a heck of a time responding. I appreciate all the responses. I do not have a good relationship with my father and I agree with what was put up.


One of my biggest concerns with fixing it is "who" is going to fix it. I know what I have here and I do not want just anyone "fixing" it. I wish Gibson had a "bring it on in" shop. Anyone have any recommendations?


I dont mind traveling as far as Memphis or the panhandle of florida.

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Thanks! The picture shows up blurry on my screen. It does look to be in fine condition. What are the 'issues'?(buzzes, high action, cracks?) New strings and a proper 'set-up' may be all that is needed(truss-rod adjustment) possibly?

The worst(most expensive)repair that I could imagine, is.... needing a neck reset?

I guess some google search of local luthiers? Do you not have a competant music store that you buy from, that could give you some info?

It is hard to help from 'out here' and not knowing the 'issues' except that you and your Dad are 'on the outs' because of his new Babe?

I mean, really....a '68 ain't the "Holy Grail" of J45's IMHO. Where do you fancy buying a D-35 from? A Music Store? Ask them to asess your J45 and offer you a trade deal if you don,t care about it.

Move on it, Grasshopper [smile]

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