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NGD 1959 ES 335 Dot reissue


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I pulled the trigger today. Man, what an awesome guitar! it's a perfect addition to my tone array. I initially wanted an r9, but after reading all the posts here on the forum about the 335, I figured I got that tone pretty much covered with my r8. Anyway, after reading the posts here i tried the 335 along with an r6 and an r9, all where awesome but the 335 just felt right. I love the neck and really love the tone of the custom buckers in the semi hollow body.


It's a vintage sunburst, made November 2013 number 205.


I was curious as to how many 335's the custom shop produce in a year. Does anybody have an idea?


I'll post some picks this weekend if I can

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[laugh] Thanks Steve.


I haven't read a bad comment yet about a 335, and after having had time to play her some more last night and today, I can see why. Every tone adjustment I have tried on the neck and bridge pick up has been a real treat and the neck is just sublime, it really is an awesome guitar all round. I am very happy she came my way, she's a keeper for sure.


Here are a couple of quick snaps I took with my phone, they didn't come out very well unfortunately but then I always did suck at photography. My wife often reminds me of this. [biggrin]


post-33893-082129400 1391289453_thumb.jpg


post-33893-075184000 1391289484_thumb.jpg


post-33893-049724700 1391289496_thumb.jpg

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