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Jimi Mac's Blues Review; Vol.1 #1

Jimi Mac

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For my premier series post I'll start-off with a man that changed my life.


Li'l Ed Williams


The nephew of the late, great, JB Hutto, he is a torch carrier for Chicago Blues and literally opened my eyes to a whole new world.


I was a young impressionable guitarist right out of high school looking for my thing when I discovered The Blues, something about the music was simply "it" for me so I sought out live local shows.


Circa 1987 I went to my first live club show to see some Blues. Playing that night @ The Iron Horse in Northampton MA was Li'l Ed & The Blues Imperials...



Talk about baptism by fire!


I'd never seen anything like that in my short life and I was hooked!


I'd go on to drown myself in The Blues and went on to personally meet some of my biggest heroes including Buddy Guy...


And Li'l Ed still kicks @$$ to this day!!!

And still with the original lineup of his "little" brother on Bass and Michael Garrett on rhythm guitar...


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