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Got a new Squier Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster today. I had a couple of real strats 35 years or so ago when I was a kid and through the mists of memory I'd have to say the Squier is a pretty good value. It's certainly a better guitar than I am a player. As an acoustic guy it needs heavier strings and a higher action, but I'll get her set up after I played around with her for a week or so.







Also picked up a Bugera V22 tube amp. Sounds $hit hot better than the pig nose 700 I've been using the past year. I'm impressed at the sound quality at low volume.



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mighty fine Strat there Muddy !!

the CVs are said to be damn close to real early 60s Strats in build and sound.


Sweetwater's the place to score gear from w/almost ZERO chance of getting a "dud"....good retailer choice!


True dat!


My daughter's a Strat fan and I got her the Fiesta Red version...




It's the 50's model...


It's pretty damn sweet! We walked into our closest Guitar Center and she was immediately smitten with it. It later came on sale @ Sweetwater, so I surprised her with it for Christmas 2012...


And yes, Sweetwater is my retailer of choice and make the vast majority of all my online purchases thru them. Their customer service is simply unbeatable!

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