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Jimi Mac's Lime-Blues Review; Vol.1 #1

Jimi Mac

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I have a very special affinity with my Limey Brothers across the pond and their special brand of Blues in the highest form of sincere reverence for the American Pioneers and the contribution they gave to The Blues scene world-wide! Starting with The British Invasion of the 1960's and continuing in fine fashion today!


For my premier series post I thought I'd pull a lesser known name out of my hat of tricks and focus on the fine guitarist; Mick Clarke.


While not achieving the super-stardom of some of his countrymen in this genre of music, he is none-the-less both prolific and superb.


classicrock2.jpg BGOCD901.jpg


While most notably a member of the late 60's British Blues band; Killing Floor, he has gone on to pursue and maintain a successful solo career for decades and is still touring and performing today...





The band Killing Floor also tours currently.


Known for being a fiery SG wielding axe-man Mick Clarke can stand toe-to-toe with the best of 'em! He definitely had the classic British Blues thing down!!!



While traveling in the circles of Acid Blues/Rock, Psychedelic Blues/Rock, and generally being accepted as Heavy Blues during his tenure with Killing Floor, his playing is still current and relevant today! If you get the chance, see him!

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