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Hi, question about modding my guitar


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I had a question regarding doing some modifications to a guitar I have.

It's an epiphone lp studio (white) and I wanted to switch to different color pickup rings and knobs...(I want to go all white, actually. And stick with the 'speed' knob style)

Now Gibson doesn't make the colors I want so if I buy from someone else do I need to know any specifics as far as what to get? I've been doing some reading on what kind of knobs to get, but i'm just not sure what my particular guitar requires. I don't want to order knobs and rings and then find out they're not going to work because they're not the exact right size, or something along the lines.

Is there also a good website anyone can recommend for me to buy my equipment from?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Welcome huskerpower. If you've been reading up on knobs you will have seen the 2 types, "metric" or "import", and "USA" or Gibson, Fender etc. The import knobs fit coarse spline pot shafts and the USA knobs fit fine spline. Don't try forcing one on the other. Your Epiphone will require import knobs, unless someone has previously changed out the pots. Be careful with sellers' descriptions: when I looked at Spamonkis link which was for the correct knobs, another suggested item said "Gibson, Epiphone, etc, knobs". This is plain wrong, they are one or the other.


I looked for some white coarse spline speed knobs a couple of years ago and couldn't find any, anywhere. A quick search of wdmusic, guitarpartsresource, and allparts, shows that none of them have any, they only have USA types. Spamonkis' seller has a few listed. If you do run out of places to buy coarse spline knobs, you could always upgrade your pots to CTS which are USA/fine spline, and you will be able to buy those knobs from all the sellers I mentioned.


Humbucker rings should be easier, although you might find very slight differences in screw placement. Let us know if you have any problems.

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