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question about my j45


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definitely a weird question that will show my lack of experience..so after getting my j45 custom, it had my full attention for a few days. I'm now playing my j45 standard again just to mix it up and have a little fun and im not sure whats going on..seems that the strings on my standard j45 are incredibly tight (hard to put the humidipack thing in the sound hole) also when i fingerpick, its incredibly quiet, almost muted it seems.... I got worried that i did something wrong but the guitar is loud and vibrant when i use a pick so now im not sure..I usually dont use a pick much even when i am strumming and it never seemed to bother me until i got custom...is it possible that the time my 45 standard was in the case that it messed it up in some way? keep in mind that my humidifier pack was dried up for a couple of weeks at most (not that its in a bad spot or a dark place or anything)..or maybe my 45 custom is just that much brighter and louder? thanks for any replies and sorry for the beginner questions

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