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I've had a few, including Rabs doublecut up there and a Firebird. I have not ever bonded much with P90s, but I think I could bond with a Reissue 56 Goldtop. Nothing before, has to have two pieces to the bridge.



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Nice... how do you like the Wolfetone ?


Love it, really raw, barky midrange, solid bass response, lots of bite in the highs without getting harsh. Cleans up well, hot enough for me (8.5k). Unpotted, Alnico 2.


The baseplate had to be modified slightly to work with the Melody Maker rout and pickguard. Here's a pic of the bottom:





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Any problem with feedback ?


I don't know for sure. The Fralin P-92s would likely not be a problem. Since the 335 has the center block, it would probably be okay. I know that Grant Green had P-90s in his 335, and Gibson came out with a Luther Dickson 335 with P-90s and a Bigsby.

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Many possibles...most of them great... [thumbup]


If I may be permitted to include the 'near P90' Fender Jazzmaster in the mix


Epi Casino/Gibson ES330

LP Junior

Deusenbergs various

Firebird Non-Reverse


And even a rather nice Crafter semi-acoustic with a neck'P90' and under-bridge piezo... [thumbup]





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In my case the first P90 guitar I bought was a Gibson ES-330, the second one a Casino, the third was a LP copy that I put GFS Mean 90s in and the latest one is a Parker DF522NN with PRails


Everyone should own one P90 guitar. Once you get used to playing a P90, everything else sounds dull or muffled.



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I,ve been thinkng of just a single P90 gibson or epi LP shaped axe,probably used.My first foray in P90's were in a Dillion guitar that looked like a PRS.It looked great and suposidly only 6 or 8 were made but the P90's were a bit weak to me.So instead of buying new PU's I sent them out to be rewound at SK guitar specialties and the guy I talked with was great.We talked about what sound I wanted,how hot,wire differances and for cheaper than new he rewound my pickups to some serious monsters,just as I explained to him.


The Dillion is the extreme left guitar,swamp ash body and bird fretboard inlays,one great guitar.


The only other P90 guitar I had was in a Gibson SG Supreme,second from the left,Mahogany body with a beautiful maple cap and gold hardware and diamond inlay on the headstock just like a custom LP has and a beautiful firemist paint job,who wouldnt love that guitar,ME.The P90,s were weak and toneless and I couldnt get used to the 24 frets.I ended up trading it for a Peavey Wolfgang custom hardtail and I think I got the better deal on that trade.

I would really like the Dillion back though,and I'm getting back into the P90 sound again.

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