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SoCal Schematic Error


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I've just turned my spare BC30 into a 50w bass amp with fixed bias, as the BC30 and SoCal use the same power transformer I thought I'd cheat and use the SoCal schematic to derive the bias supply. As this is my first fixed bias amp I just blindly followed the schematic and subsequently turned a capacitor into a firecracker! I was just about to lean over it to measure the bias voltage so I'm lucky it didn't blind me! I'm just posting this here in the hope I may save others from trouble when they recap their SoCals or whatever.


Basically, the capacitors are the wrong way round in the schematic, the anode is placed at a lower potential than the cathode. I should have realised as I was building it, but as I said, this is my first fixed bias amp. The capacitors I'm talking about are C30 and C31.



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