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ES-139 Dimensions


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Just an update, I'm still on a mission for a hard shell case for the ES-139, anyways, i took some measurements to share.

Brand new from the distributor, she needed minor adjustments, action and intonation need to be addressed, the strings was changed to DR Blues 10's, after a month of playing her, she pretty much is very versatile. i've been flip flooping between my YBA 1 + 4x10 and JC-120, through either of the amps, depends on the genre, gives me a very nice bon3r when i play her (it's still is honeymoon period, you know :)). The quality Chinese made padded gig bag that came with her was almost the deal breaker, but for the price i paid (not full), and her performance, i cannot complain. for now she is a keeper, hopefully i can find the right case for her. i'm almost to the point of getting an ES-335 series case and modify. As close to an ES-339 series size, her butt is still a little wider :)

post-62473-093872700 1391626062_thumb.jpg

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