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NPD new interesting pickup


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For those not following my build thread... I thought this may be interesting...


I got some new pickups for one of my builds today.. a standard PAF type and more interestingly a humbucker sized P90... I think this will look pretty cool once they are on the body.. and in interesting replacement if you have humbucker cavities and want the P90 sound


Anyone tried this type before?





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Hmm... interesting.. Cheers guys [thumbup]


This is what the blurb says about the one I bought


Resistance - Bridge - 8k (+/-10%), Neck - 8k (+/-10%)

Inductance - Bridge - 3.24h, Neck - 3.24h

Wire = .42 Gauge Plain Enamel

Magnets = Alnico V



The next step on the P90 ladder, taking into account the changes made in 1957, Alnico V Magnets replaced the III.


This resulted in a drastic drop in top end, but increased middle and bottom end, giving the new generation a throatier, growling feel.


Again, great for anyone who likes Classic Rock, Hot Blues and Country - just roll back the gain to cool them off, giving a beautiful, flowing clean sound, and throw it back up to get sharp, snapping distortion - just remember that the these P90s will be slightly darker then the earlier models thanks to the Alnico Vs


Rather then copy other humbucker sized "P90s" on the market, which simply used a Strat single coil inside a humbucker cover; we've completely engineered these gorgeous pickups from the ground up.


We specially created a “mini P90” bobbin for Butyrate, which is housed in a pure Nickel / German silver cover to limit tonal interference. This really is the closest possible thing to a true P90 as you’ll get from a Humbucker route.


We’ve broken away from the standard humbucker setup slightly by using 2, equal strength Alnico 5 bar magnets either side of the poles too (rather then 1), giving a strong, responsive tone that is incredibly raunchy when pushed hard, yet retains that characteristic snap we've all come to love from a P90.


And, for the finishing touches, we’ve not strayed far from original P90 and Humbucker design – fitting the popular braided metal/waxed cloth wire that’s so simple to use, and mounted everything onto another Nickel / German silver base to limiting any unwanted interference on the magnetic eddy currents.


All in all, they might not be historically correct, the might not be hum-bucking, but they really are a beautiful “guitarists guitar” pickup – giving that characteristic P90 snap and twang from the most unlikely guitars.

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