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Hi. Just wanted to share My experience with Kramer guitars as for today... Played some semi-serious rock/metal in the late 80's. Left everything about music for 20 years due to cars, girls and family - but as you all know - it is always coming back at some point, right?

Stumbled on to Kramer Guitars by accident in '12. Suprised? - You bet...! (remember - I've been away). And as an 80's guy, who did not want a Kramer back then? (well - maybe someone - but come on). I certainly could not afford one at this time. However, now I did not hesitate to get me a Pacer. To my surprise (although quite inexpensive) was a really great and versatile guitar. Still you can hear some alternative opinions on 'the net'. My Pacer hardly ever goes out of tune although heavy abuse of the licensed Floyd.

Finish is quite stunning (candy red) and a killer neck.

Did actually look at other brands (same price range) but they did not appeal to me by various reasons. I want to give credit to Gibson for putting effort in an affordable package.


Then what?


I just bought a screaming red '84 - damn - no comments here... I'm actually in love with 'a piece of Wood' .

What a piece of a hot rod guitar - simplicity with performance. Thanks Kramer. You got me...



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