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"Banner" Gibson recordings?


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OK, I need some help. The BBC has asked me to suggest music to accompany their upcoming hour-long "Kalamazoo Gals" program. Last fall we recorded a bunch of music in the old Gibson factory building, but the BBC will need more music for the program.


Here are my ideas for music originally recorded on Banner Gibsons:


- Woody Guthrie: This Land in Your Land and everything on that album recorded by Mo Asch

- The Cisco Houston and Woody Guthrie recordings of 1944

- Buddy Holly on "Everyday" and other early, acoustic recordings


For modern recordings:


- Lots of Russ Barenberg and, in particular, "Skip, Hop & Wobble"

- And, of course, Lauren Sheehan on the companion CD to my book, "The Light Still Burns"


So, other suggestions?

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I'm not sure how much this help will be, but I know Sheryl Crow and the Milk Carton Kids have played banner Gibsons almost exclusively when it comes to acoustics on their albums.


Also, we can't forget my favorite - the "transition year" banner played by Bob Dylan on his self-titled album and his pinacle "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" album.





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What a great pic of Skip James!


We've got some stuff recorded, all on my went-to-WWII SJ: me in BBC studios in London and various performances recorded in empty rooms in the old Gibson factory, sometimes in the exact spots where the Gals worked.


We're now looking for other stuff recorded on original Banner Gibsons, both old and new reordings.


This will be an hour long radio documentar, on BBC Radio 2, narrated by Suzi Quatro:



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Looking forward to the progrma John! Any rough timeframes yet as to when we can expect it to air so I can keep a lookout?

Thanks, Travis!


I'll keep folks posted. The producer is now editing and adding music. And, he's hoping for one more interview, though I'm not sure he's gonna get it. He wants to interview the powers that be at Gibson.

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