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Great early Epi Zeyphr... Any info?


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Hi all,


I am new to this forum. I have just come across this early Epi that I think is a Zephyr. I am not to sure of anything else as far as age, where built, etc.


If anyone knows anything more I would love to have more info on this beautiful piece.


Thanks in advance.









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The Zephyr was introduced on 1939 with a pick up in the bridge position. It was moved to the center of the soundboard by 1942, so I'd venture yours was made somewhere in between. Pickups were a relatively new innovation, and manufacturers tended to experiment with their location and orientation (straight, angled) in the early years, even from guitar to guitar. The pick up on yours looks to be the one designed by Epiphone electronic wiz herb Sunshine (patented in 1937), and was the first with adjustable pole pieces. The plate on the back identifies other Epiphone patents, many of them for electronic keyboards! Your guitar was made in New York City.


Beautiful piece of workmanship. Thanks for the great pictures. Enjoy!


Red 333

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