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Well for those of you who replied to the first thread about the Haynes SG book here is my review of it.



If your not familiar with how to set up a tune o matic bridge and all this may be the book for you because it is widely over shown in this book with about 6 or so different models or more. There is no pics of 1970's SG standards,1970's customs, SG 100 or even the SG deluxes and all from the same period. No mention of the 80's SG with the jack input moved to the lower edge, nothing about the SG 1 or SG X. Nothing about going to a large pick guard in 1967, nothing about headstock changes, neck widths, small guards vs large guards, matter of fact nothing about any of the stuff on why guys pick an SG over another guitar. Everything was just because it was lighter than a Strat or Les Paul. It goes from the history of the Les Paul to the new SG Standards in about 4 to 5 pages and most of the pages were full of pictures, then it gets into set ups and all. It has a couple of pics of a new SG custom reissue with the stop tail pice. There is not even a pic of Jimi Hendrix's SG custom and that really pissed me off!!! It has a neat little forward by Tony Iommi and his SG story and all but it is lacking in the reference area of the real history of Gibson SG guitar. There is even alot of that les paul jr. signature Billie Joe Armstrong signature model. I do not know why because it is not an SG. I am dissappointed in the book and would not reccommend it. There is a section in the rear with Angus Young( I know he has a ton of SG's but it gets into 2 of his guitars and talks about one he has like the custom model that is not a gibson that is Tony Iommi's), Derek Trucks, Franks Zappa, Carlos Santana and a few more including the Billie Joe Armstrong and how they get their sound and a little on their amps and all. It even gets into the epiphone line a bit too much(no pun intended here as I like epiphones) and there is just way too much on setting up different models with the same tune o matic bridge system, gets into too much detail on pick up height, string height you get it real anal stuff that has nothing to do with a Gibson SG. It is a shame and I definetly would not reccommend this book!!!




I belive this is a guitar that needs a good book written for it and I have thought of doing it myself..............No Kidding!!

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