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2014 LesPaul Classic

Mike from TX

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...I read all the comments on youtube vids and majority bad. Maybe cause it's my 1st but what's not to like? Fill me in....

Hi Mike and welcome to the forum! Hope you have a lot of fun here!


One answer might be this;


Some of the more 'traditionally minded' have bemoaned the lack of the regular two-tone / two-vol set-up.

I must stress that this grumbling has little - if anything - to do with the actual instrument; rather with the choice of name.


The 'Classic' (if you will) 1957 - 1960 Les Paul Standard's specifications are well-known.

The current 'Classic' has, obviously, strayed quite far from these specifications and there are some who feel that a different model designation would have been more apt.

Push-pull pots and a mini-toggle are hardly 'Classic' features of an LP.


I've absolutely no doubt they are excellent instruments.

They are unarguably very pretty. Also, '57 Classics are my #1 favourite p'ups and if you're going 'uncovered' then Zebra is the way to go! IMHO, of course.

If I had one, however, I would replace the mini-toggle with a second tone pot and rewire the thing properly in a '50s wiring style. That's what I've discovered I happen to prefer.

"Different strokes; Different playing styles" (as one might say).



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Hello Mike, welcome here, and congrats on your great buy! [thumbup]


Other than Pippy, I would rewire the Classic 2014 using two push/pull pots for coil split and create a '60s style tone control circuit out of the actual '50s one.


Any two or more volume controls/one tone control guitar comes '50s wired forcibly, and at any volume setting different from fully cranked up this is just bad. [cursing] Sadly I can't change it in my Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess and my SG Supra without drilling holes and/or using tandem stereo pots. I would use the latter in the SG Supra but not for my AL LP. I will stay there with the retrofitted push/pull polarity - aka incorrectly "phase" - switch for the neck pickup. [rolleyes]

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I recently picked up a 2014 LP classic in seafoam green. Great guitar! flawless workmanship, great tone, and played well out of the box with just a little set up. I can't figure out why people complain about the on board booster switch when there are so many LP's available with the traditional set up. At any rate, I like the booster and appreciate the difference from my other LP's.

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